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At Safety Footwear India  we are always on a look out for newer opportunities. And when they do not come our way, we go ahead and create them. Over the years, we
have created opportunities for success; opportunities for growth; opportunities for a brighter future. Our never- ending pursuit for excellence has made us travel through
almost every road and create opportunities others do not see.

The company has created a niche for itself in the Indian shoe market. After 11 years of consistent growth, today Safety Footwear India is India's one of the premier shoe manufacturing company.

Vision Core Values  

The history of Safety Footwear India is about a company's passion, determination and will to surpass all obstacles and emerge as a leader in the Indian shoe industry. Join us in the journey to the world of Safety Footwear India. more details...

Research & Development

A vital force that drives a company to new vistas is the Research & Development (R&D) division, constantly developing new technologies in a synergistic blend of innovation and sheer hard work. more details...

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