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Housed in an ergonomically designed, modern building in Agra, the City of Taj Mahal , the corporate office is full of positive energy. A mix of passion and commitment is evident from each employee. Safety Footwear India  is a learning organization and there is continues emphasis on training.

Safety Footwear India is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to developing a diverse workforce in the organization. No discrimination of any nature is practiced while hiring, training and rewarding manpower. The leaders firmly believe in team building and bonding among employees and their families. Safety Footwear India One Family, is a platform under which various initiatives are rolled out for family bonding.

At the four manufacturing units, there is no division between the management and employees. Mutual trust and delegation is the key to their relationship. Assisted by modern production and quality tools, the technical team is always on the lookout to seize every opportunity for incremental gains. The common focus of everyone across hierarchy and locations is on improvement and progress.

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